Christmas Light Installation in Purcellville, VA

Every holiday light installation is unique and creative, with infinite room for variety. When we installed Christmas lights for the Clarke family in Purcellville, Virginia, we were able to provide some standard, classic items with a spectacular and unique addition.

We began the project by outlining the gables, eaves and fascia with C9 LED Christmas lights, which use less power than incandescent bulbs. We used warm white, which gives a clean, classic appearance. We also used these same bulbs along the front porch gutter, to balance the rest of the home.

Once the house lights were completed, we hung a large lit wreath on each of the three gable ends. All of the wreaths are augmented with a large red bow. Mirroring the holiday greenery from the gables, we strung lit garland around the front entryway of the home.

Now finished with the structure of the house itself, we turned to the hedge and trees out front. We used the same C9 lights to do canopy stringing along the front hedge. This technique places lights all around the ends of the branches, so that the overall shape of the bush is highlighted in three dimensions.

The finishing touch on this Christmas light installation was on the massive oak trees in the front yard. At over 80 feet tall, these trees would be very expensive to string with lights. What we did instead was to use a galaxy light, which produces a similar look at a fraction of the cost. This device looks like a large flashlight, mounted on a stick, but it is much more complex than that! A galaxy light has many tiny laser pointers inside, which are directed through a refractive prism. This disperses the light so that the tree above is suddenly appears to be lit by thousands of tiny bulbs. In this case, we used a green light, and the results were amazing!

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