Commercial Holiday Décor in Sterling, VA

Here at Manor Works, most of our holiday light decorations have been for homeowners. We have also begun completing Christmas displays for commercial buildings, however, such as this government building in Sterling, Virginia.

For this large building with a grand entrance, the occupants wanted daytime décor. This type of holiday display is not lit, but provides a pleasant and attractive look during daylight hours. The front of the building boasts four large stone columns, topped by a pediment. To really make a visual impact on a surface of this scale, we needed to make some unique arrangements.

First, we ordered an enormous Christmas wreath, 8 feet in diameter, with a correspondingly grand bow (4 feet across!). This was hung from a cable between the two central columns, so that it has the appearance of floating high off the ground.

The next step was to hang a massive garland. With an 18-inch circumference, the garland made an impressive drapery as we hung it in a swag pattern along the tops of the pillars. Finally, we placed a 24-inch red bow high up on the center of each column.

When we were finished, the overall effect was stunning. The display can be seen from at least a quarter-mile, as you drive through Sterling westbound on VA Route 7.

For stores and other commercial buildings, a holiday display is a great investment. Whether you use a lighted display or daytime décor, the cost is low in comparison with the visual impact it creates. Contact Manor Works for an estimate and consultation regarding commercial holiday light displays in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.