Decorative Light Installation in Round Hill, VA

Decorating a unique home in Round Hill, VA, we had many interesting features to work with as we installed Christmas lights. This older farm house has a classic look to it, with a wraparound porch. Because it is visible from three sides, the homeowner decided to decorate everything except the backside. In contrast, most homeowners elect to decorate only the front for the holidays.

Using our standard warm-white C9 LED bulbs, we began by outlining the eaves and gutters on the house and the porch. Next, we placed a lighted wreath on the front eave, and accented the surrounding flower beds with stake lighting.
Where a Christmas light display can really get unique and spectacular is in the surrounding shrubs and trees. This farmhouse features 5 sets of lilac bushes, each about 6 feet tall. The typical choice would be to use canopy lights, which drape over the exterior form of the bush like a net, highlighting the overall shape of the shrubbery. This family chose instead to do a trunk-and-branch-wrap design, coiling a string of lights from the base to the tip of each branch. This emphasizes the interior structure of the tree, and uses far more lights (about 600 per tree).

To top the project off, a line of 7 fruit trees was also decorated with the branch-wrapping method. To limit the cost, the trees were wrapped from the ground up to about 5 feet, providing a beautiful, stately addition. When decorating trees in this manner, professional Christmas light installers generally budget about $100 per foot of height.

Christmas D├ęcor by Manor Works provides spectacular light display packages for homeowners in northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area.