Holiday Lighting Installation on Townhouse in Occoquan, Virginia

When it comes to holiday lighting installation, every home can be unique. No house showed this more clearly than one of our projects in Occoquon, Virginia. This townhouse, while stylish and pleasant, is very similar to those on each side, and has almost no yard to work with. Additionally, it is a middle unit, so there was only one side where we could apply Christmas décor. Nevertheless, by the time we were finished installing the Christmas lights and decorations, the house looked classy and unique.

Because of the small scope of this project, the lighting installation was fairly simple and inexpensive. We aimed for a clean, classic look, and did most of the work with the warm-white, C9 oversized LED bulbs. We began by creating an outline, running a string of lights up the vertical corner fascia, along the top edge of the house, and then back down the other side. The outline was finished by adding a row of stake lights along the front bay of the house, balancing the look.

One of the pleasant features of the home that gave us a good place for detailed work was the bay windows, which protrude from the front of the house. We also outlined these in warm white. The Christmas light installation was finished off with the wrapping of several small trees and shrubs in the front yard.

This three-story townhouse still needed a touch of color, and some non-square features. This need was filled by adding lit wreaths to each story. The upper level had a 48-inch wreath centered in the middle, and the second floor had two 36-inch wreaths, centered between the windows. The ground floor had a lit wreath hung on the door, and a beautiful lit garland with ribbons wrapped around the posts of the portico.

When we had finished our work, the homeowner added a final touch with one lit candle in each of the front-facing windows. Now, this simple and inexpensive display was the centerpiece and highlight of the whole row!

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