Installing Christmas Lights in Falls Church, VA

Installing Christmas lights on this Tudor-style house in Falls Church, VA was a real treat. A very tall, stately dwelling, the Ojakali home has many elegant architectural details and features.

We began this project with a standard line of C9 LED bulbs in warm white, strung along the eaves and gables to outline the front edges of the roof. We placed lit wreaths in the gable ends, creating some nice focal points. Along the path from the driveway to the front door, we used stake lighting to create a classy walkway. The stake lights also outlined the perimeter of the beds where the shrubbery grows to the right and left of the entry door.

The most unique and attention-grabbing feature of the Ojakali home is the array of windows on the front of the house. We outlined each window with LED mini-lights, using small clips to hold them in place without damaging the house. When all 27 windows were outlined and it got dark the first night, the effect was tremendous! With Christmas lights stylishly outlining all the details and features of this ornate home, it was evocative of a fairy-tale gingerbread house!

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